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Three Sisters Event Planning

Making Dreams Come True

The first sister, Heather is a makeup artist and musician who has been wedding coordinating for 8 years. Her favorite part of event planning is helping the hosts feel relaxed and excited about the design of their event and making their vision come to life. She lives in Ventura with her husband, Zach, and thier cat, Bella. 

Heather Arena
Head Coordinator, Planner,
Musician, Makeup Artist

Turning a Vision Into Reality

Brittney is the second sister; peacekeeper, comedic relief and loves to watch the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. She has been an office manager for 7 years and as such, she is the behind the scenes gal; our go to for timelines and contracts. She also meets with our bridal parties and guests on site to be sure they have everything they need. She is mommy to Memphis the black lab and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. 

Brittney Lease
Secondary Coordinator, CCO,
Timeline Coordinator
Three Sisters Event Planning
Three Sisters Event Planning

Beauty For All the Big and Small Moments

Courtney is the third sister and the floristry extraordinaire. She loves Elephants, Mermaids, and the Starbucks! As our decor coordinator and in-house florist, she makes us and YOU look good! Courtney is a full-time florist for Vons Supermarket. She is married to Levi and mama to Kyla (11) and Sienna (6). 

Courtney Jones
Full Time In House Florist, Lead Coordinators

The Brains to the Operation

Zach is an Aerospace Engineer who got roped into event coordinating because of his super persuasive wife. He is the mastermind behind anything technical or electronic and helps our team stay organized. He lives with Heather and tries to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of party decor all over his house. 

Zach Arena
Secondary Coordinator,
Safety & Technical Coordinator
Three Sisters Event Planning
Three Sisters Event Planning

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Christina has been part of the Three Sisters Events for the last two years. She loves coordinating with the bride and groom to create their vision of the perfect wedding day!  When she is not leading weddings, Christina is an elementary school counselor and parent coach. She is passionate about helping others create their ideal life and make their dreams come to life, whether on their wedding day or any day! Christina lives in the South Bay and enjoys the beach and spending time with family and friends.  Christina can handle anything that comes her way, as long as she has coffee in hand! Christina is excited to be our lead coordinator in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Christina Cortese
Senior Lead Coordinator

An Eye for the Little Things

Catherine is an IT Cloud Admin during the week for a nationwide medical software company and a lead event coordinator on the weekends. She lives a life of positive vibes and smiles which keeps her in a  beautiful zen state of mind.  She IS a true lover of life. She had been in the catering and restaurant business for 12 years, where she learned and fell in love with coordinating events. She is thrilled and tremendously grateful to be back in the business and working with Three Sisters Events, the dream team. She is newly married to her husband Moyne, a Mom to 2 lovely dogs and has been tremendously blessed to be a “Bonus Mom” to 4 beautiful, smart, and amazing children.

Catherine Patterson
Lead Coordinator
Three Sisters Event Planning
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